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Ricardo Segura

Our strong and authentic personality becomes a deciding factor on what we want in our life at a very early age. By remaining true to our inner self and sticking to our passion, we can find our life’s direction seamlessly. The same happened with Ricardo Segura. In his initial years, he completed his high school and then pursued some college courses at NVC as stated while talking to us

But, he was very thrilled to talk about his first job and what he wants to take up in the next 10 years. He started working in his initial years at a vineyard with his father. From there, Ricardo started taking interest in the vinery work and the transition started. He started with the cellar work, and then the wine tasting work.

Apart from his work, Ricardo Segura also takes out time for spending quality time with his family and friends. He visits Mexico once a year with his family. Along with this, he also goes Hiking, Camping, Does BBQing, Wine Tasting, and also watches movies in his free time. His favorite travel destinations that are on his bucket list are magnificent Italy, and he hopes to visit countries like Colombia, and others in South America to enjoy the natural meadows, mountains, beaches, and yes some great wine.

As we have come to know that Ricardo is a family person, so gratitude, respect, humbleness, sense of humor, and hard work play a vital role in his life. He thinks without this a person can gain nothing in his life. Well, he has some great plans for the coming next 10 years. He wants to educate himself on investments to invest in different business ventures. Ricardo wants to own his business, which can be a barbershop to carry out barbering or something else. Lastly, he says, “I want to invest back in my community not only financially but want to become a mentor for others”.

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Carlos Acuña

We always strive to find the passion in our life but some of us find it earlier in our life as Carlos Acuña did. He found his life’s aim quite early. While in conversation with him, we got a sneak peek into his life.

Carlos Acuña in his earlier days went to Santa Rosa Junior College for a year and a half to study the subjects related to Kinesiology. This is the field in which a person studies the human movement and how it impacts the person’s health and well-being. Soon, Carlos realized that he is not made for this particular field, and his newfound love was Barbering. He found out that he is interested in cutting hair and giving a new makeover to people.

His professional career started by working in the construction company, and some other companies until he fully committed to barbering. He also use to help his dad when he was 13-years-old. It’s not only that Carlos Acuña is into his work only but he likes to indulge in many other activities too. He goes off-road into his truck where he indulges in outdoor activities. Apart from that, to live life to the fullest, he also kicks up with his friends and plans to visit the different parts of the world. The places on his bucket list are London, Bali, and Samoa, and other amazing travel locations.

Carlos is also a homely person as he values his relationship with friends and family the most. As it is clear from his views above on traveling and spending time with his loved ones, so it shows how much he values the people around him. Trust is also his guiding factor. In conclusion, he states that in the coming ten years he wants to see himself owning a barbershop or a business that lets him grow. He states “I want to do something, which I love the most.”

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Adrian Garcia

I started cutting hair in high school. In total I have been cutting hair for three years. I learned a lot from my Mom who owned a hair salon. I had a senior project and I cut my little cousin’s hair and then that led to cutting all my friend’s hair in the school bathroom. I love the opportunity of meeting people that barbering gives me. I love having the ability to make relationships with clients and the satisfaction of giving a fresh cut also while improving my own skills with each cut. I also love soccer. I even had the chance to play for a D1 school, but instead chose to stick to barbering.

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Summer Hogue

I pursued cosmetology for three years until I received my cosmetology license. I have been licensed for 16 years. While barbering’s main focus is solely hair, Cosmetology includes work on nails,skin, hair and more. There wasn’t anything particular that got me into cosmetology; it's just in my blood. I come from a family of barbers so I grew up always watching and learning. Hair is literally my life. I dedicate my free time to studying new products and trends. I devote that time not only for my job, but because I love it. My favorite part about my job is meeting new people in the community and how people start out as just clients and then potentially turn into lifelong friendships.

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